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Title: New Route for Devulcanization of Natural Rubber and the Properties of Devulcanized Rubber
Authors: Rooj, S.
Basak, G. C.
Maji, P. K.
Bhowmick, A. K.
Keywords: Natural Rubber
Benzoyl Peroxide
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: Springer Link
Abstract: Devulcanization of natural rubber (NR) compound was carried out by means of benzoyl peroxide as a devulcanizing agent by two different techniques namely (a) chemical process and (b) mechano-chemical process. Furthermore, the effects of time and concentration of devulcanizing agent on the devulcanization process were investigated. The extent of devulcanization of natural rubber was studied by estimation of percent devulcanization, volume fraction of rubber after swelling, Mooney viscosity and crosslinked density. The devulcanized natural rubber obtained from mechano-chemical process was blended with virgin natural rubber in different proportions. The mechanical properties and morphology of the revulcanized blends were examined and found to be interesting. Thus, waste rubber could be reused successfully by this technique.
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