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Title: Thermo-mechanical Reliability of Printed Circuit Board
Authors: Yadav, V. K.
Chaurasia, V.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The thermo-mechanical reliability of electronic packages plays crucial role when it comes to its application. Due to the mechanical vibration printed circuit boards (PCB) are subjected to bending and it leads to the failure of solder joints. It is important to extract the basic dynamic behaviour parameters of PCBs. These parameters of PCB define the nature of free vibrations. In this thesis modal analysis of PCB has been performed to characterize its dynamic response. This has helped us to understand the vibrational behaviour of stack-up layer printed circuit board. The report discusses the development of finite element model for modal analysis of printed circuit board. A solid 10 nodded tetrahedral is used for meshing of computational domain. Several modal data have been extracted from the modal analysis such as the mode shapes and the natural frequencies. The report also includes experimental procedure and results for carried out on single layer PCB for experimental validation of modal analysis. Further real life drop impact on PCB has been tried to simulate with JEDEC standard service condition and it also includes drop test setup proposal.
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