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Title: Theoretical and Experimental Validation of an Air Lift Pump
Authors: Rathor, A. S.
Gupta, R.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Air-lift pumps are being used very frequently use where we need a reliable and low maintenance pump and where corrosive and abrasive materials are to be pumped. The main goal of the study is to study the performance of an air-lift pump under different operating conditions and on different important parameters. For that an air-lift pump setup was tested by varying different parameters. The experiments were performed for different values of submergence ratio and changing the flow rate of air. A theoretical model is also studied in this work in order to find the relation between air and water mass flow rate and to study where to operate the pump in order to get the maximum efficiency. The results gives the relation between output water flow rate, submergence ratio and air mass flow rate. Also the Taylor bubble is an integral part of the airlift pump as it is the driving unit which pumps the liquid. So in our work we have conducted a computational study to analyse how a single Taylor bubble moves in a vertical tube in conditions of stagnant water. The CFD analysis is done in the ANSYS FLUENT software. For different tube diameters the motion was simulated. The shape and flow around the slug has been computed and is compared with experimental findings.
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