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Title: Analytical and Experimental Analysis of a Rotordynamic System with an Integral Squeeze Film Damper
Authors: Saxena, A. A.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The most commonly recurring problems in rotor dynamics is that the vibrations at the steady state synchronous levels become extremely large and getting highly instable in sub-synchronous rotor manner. Although we may solve the first problem by improving the balancing the rotor system, or we could resolve the problem by modifying the rotor-bearing system. This will shift the system’s critical speeds out of the operating range. Another way to resolve this problem is to introduce external damping to limit the peak amplitudes of vibrations at critical speeds. So, the second problem, the sub-synchronous rotor instabilities, is still left. It can be avoided by eliminating the instability mechanism. The method to do so would be by raising the natural frequency to as high a value for the rotor system. Another possible solution is to introduce damping to increase the starting speed of instability. This project aims at the experimental and analytical analysis of a Rotor Dynamic System with an Integral Squeeze Film Damper incorporated along with the bearing. The Integral Squeeze Film Damper (ISFD) is one of the most popular types of bearing-damper system used recently. The ISFD has a main function of providing highly engineered damping and stiffness such that the critical speed of the shaft shifts thus increasing the dynamic stability of the rotor system. The ISFD has lately become the leading technological solution for controlling the vibrations. Moreover the use of a Magneto Rheological Fluid in this takes the research prospects to whole new level. Using magnetic field to change the viscosity of the solution in response to the speed of the rotor system allows us to control the damping as per our requirements.
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