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Title: Analysis and Numerical Studies on Few MMI Coupler based Photonic Devices
Authors: Aggarwal, M.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Multimode Interference Coupler and switch based on SOI have applications in optical systems since they show important characteristics. MMI couplers are fundamental building blocks in photonic integrated circuits. The underlying self-imaging principle in multimode waveguides is described using a guided mode propagation analysis. It is shown that multimode interference couplers offer superior performance, excellent tolerance to polarization and wavelength variations. In this thesis, a study of N fold imaging of input field is done which is the basis of power splitter and power combiner. It is also shown that adiabatic tapered structured couplers lead to more compact designs and hence of quite importance. Additional study of the advantages of side-porting over end-porting with S-bends is done. Alongwith, we describe the design considerations of high performance rib-waveguide based MMI couplers. Study of dispersion equations in TE modes and the behaviour of different modes in different refractive index analyzation was done . Perturbation theory is very important because it is the basis of switching in optical devices.Some emphasis on this theory is done ,alongwith practical simulations with some variations to waveguide widths and refractive index. Main focus is on the design considerations including the type of material to be used.
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