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Title: Analysis and Experimental Verification of Three-Coil Inductive Resonant Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System
Authors: Kiran, K. B. S.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In this project, a Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) mechanism based on resonance in three magnetically coupled coils is presented. Initially, a theoretical analysis has been carried out for feasibility of the proposed WPT System. The design process is then systematically described and the theoretical concept verified by experimental investigation. Frequency domain analysis is performed for the detection of resonant frequency. To show the superiority of the proposed WPT system, output voltage waveforms are presented for variable distances. The effect of varying capacitors in the intermediate coil on the output voltage at different distances is also experimented, for the purpose of improving the performance of the WPT system. A comparative study with two-coil WPT systems has also been addressed here.
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