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Title: Analysis of Different Existing Public Auditing Schemes for Secure Cloud Storage
Authors: Kandavalli, A.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Cloud Computing is the most used platform nowadays.This Platform provides shared re-sources to users on demand.Cloud Computing is an universal and on demand access model for a shared pool of resources and databases.Its resources can be accessed anywhere and anytime with permission.The main uses of cloud computing are application programming platform,reliability,Device location independence and Virtualization. Some of the problems which are faced by the Cloud computing are Data probity, Theft, Privacy concern, Data loss, Data Location, Security on Vendor level and Security on user level.The privacy pre-serving public auditing helps in ensuring the correctness of the data stored in the cloud and this auditing scheme provides the user whether his data stored in cloud is safe or lost.
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