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Title: Secure Routing Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks
Authors: Matam, R.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IIT Patna
Series/Report no.: TH-06;
Abstract: With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, the demand for seamless ubiquitous broadband Internet access has increased. Wireless mesh network (WMN) has become the most popular technology to facilitate such services anywhere any time at reduced cost. To provide access services the wireless mesh routers route/forward the packets in multi-hop fashion over the wireless mesh backbone. The open operating environment and shared communication medium of WMN provide ample opportunity for an attacker to launch various security attacks against the routing protocols. At the same time, the security measure provided by IEEE 802.11s standard is not sufficient to prevent the malicious attackers from launching different security attacks, during path selection process. These threats can disrupt the network services and degrade the performance unless appropriate defence mechanisms are being incorporated. Therefore, this thesis aims to develop secure routing techniques for WMN. The proposed collection of security protocols is a balanced combination of prevention and detection mechanisms, to act on both unicast and multicast communication methodologies. In the initial part of the thesis, security schemes to address different attacks on unicast routing protocols have been designed. A secure wireless mesh protocol (SWMP) is developed, which employs digital signatures to prevent malicious nodes from manipulating the contents of a routing message. To address worm- hole attacks, a novel wormhole resistant secure routing mechanism (WRSR) has been designed that selects wormhole-free paths during path selection. An effective routing metric AFC (airtime metric with forwarding capability) has also been proposed to address passive packet dropping attacks. In the later part, a secure and efficient multicast routing algorithm has been developed that employs an heuristic approach to construct a bandwidth minimal multicast tree, and an integrated security framework to defend against all known active threats.
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