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Title: Testbed Implementation of Blind Wireless Receiver (BWR) for Single Carrier Systems
Authors: Prakash, B. J.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In the past decades, a lot of research on blind parameter estimation and blind receiver is done in wireless communication areas. Most of the research is based on theoretical and simulation results. Very few experimental results are presented for blind receiver or blind parameter estimation. In this project a blind receiver testbed for single carrier system is designed by using National Instrument chassis . A user configurable Transmitter and a Receiver is designed separately using LabView. The transmitter parameters like carrier frequency, symbol rate and modulation classifications can be changed. A Blind Wireless Receiver(BWR) is designed by estimating the signal parameters blindly. From the received signal power spectrum is estimated first. Then the signal is downconverted using the center frequency which is estimated from the power spectrum. The downconverted signal is given to MATLAB Script node in the LabVIEW environment where we can estimate different signal parameters blindly. Different radio parameters like carrier frequency estimation, symbol rate estimation, symbol timing offset estimation and modulation classification are discussed. Cyclostationary based method is used to estimate the radio parameters. The designed BWR can estimate these radio parameters without the knowledge of transmitted signal parameters. Normalized mean square error for Symbol Rate Estimation and Symbol Timing Offset for different modulation formats with simulation and experimental results are plotted. Constellation plots for received signal are also shown.
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