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Title: Thermomechanical Simulation of μ-FSW
Authors: Kushwaha, S.
Tadla, P.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This project aims at thermo-mechanical simulation of micro-Friction Stir Welding process. The welding of micro thin sheets is a difficult process either by conventional methods or new methods. For such cases micro Friction Stir Welding (μ-FSW) has proven handy. Our project aims at the study of FSW technique as well as scaling it down to ‘micro level’. The effect of different traverse speed on temperature had been observed in our previous work. Modeling and simulation of μ-FSW has been a great challenge due to the complexity of the process. We have come up with simulations on scaled down model. Proper welding was achieved in case of FSW but in case of μFSW proper stirring was and temperature was not observed. Simulation results and possible reasons for failure at reduced thickness have been discussed which needs to be looked after for successfully simulating FSW at micro level.
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