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Title: Analysis and Improvement Techniques for Amorphous Slicing
Authors: Donkada, K. C.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This thesis deals with the concept of Amorphous Program slicing.The difference between the traditional syntax-preserving slicing and the amorphous slicing is discussed.Here the amorphous slicing is described as slicing process in which the syntactic requirement is dropped while the semantic requirement is retained.It depicts the syntax-preserving slicing and amorphous slicing in a theoretical form. Next part of the thesis deals with the concept of safety slicing which is an application of amorphous slicing and it describes an algorithm to compute the safety slices of a given program. It uses the array bound safety problem as an example to discuss the safety slicing.The other parts of the thesis deals with the complexity of algorithm used to compute the safety slices and the empirical study of safety slicing and provides some statistical evidences in form of quantitative results.It contains the discussion about some limitations and possible solutions to solve them.Finally part of thesis contains the proposal of a new program transformation named pointer removal transformation and example to explain it.It ends with the conclusion and brief description of future work.
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