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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Unclassified Clippings-
2015Understanding Wi-Fi Systems using Software Defined RadioKoshy, K. M.
Jan-2013Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network for Early Warning GenerationKumar, P.; Kumar, P.; Priyadarshini, P.; Srija
2019Unique Approach for Preferentially Fixing Nanofillers in the Phase of Incompatible Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber (XNBR) - Natural Rubber (NR) Blend and its Effect on Physico-Mechanical PropertiesSatyanarayana, M. S.
2015Using Multi-Objective Optimization for Word Sense Induction and DisambiguationPrabhakaran, S.
Oct-2012Utility Friendly Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Converter-Fed High-Performance Induction Motor DriveBehera, R. K.; Das, S. P.; Ojo, O.
2015Variable Rate Schemes for Wireless ApplicationsMukati, V.
May-2012Variable Rate Transmission Schemes for CI/MC-CDMA SystemMukherjee, M.; Kumar, P.
Nov-2011VCl3 Catalyzed Imine-Based Multicomponent Reactions for the Facile Access of Functionalized Tetrahydropyridines and β-Amino CarbonylsPal, S.; Chaudhury, L. K.
May-2011Vehicular Communication via Compass LabelingMisra, R.; Shukla, S.; Baveja, B. M.
2016Video Stabilization using Feature Point Tracking with Classified Feature PointsSingh, C. K.
2016Video Surveillance Optimal Camera Placement ProblemDevi, P. K.
Oct-2012VO2F(dmpz)2: A New Catalyst for Selective Oxidation of Organic Sulfides to Sulfoxides with H2O2Hussain, S.; Talukdar, D.; Bharadwaj, S. K.; Chaudhuri, M. K.
2012WAKE: Authentication and Key Establishment for Wireless Mesh NetworkTripathy, S.; Sahoo, D.
2015Watermarking of Xml DataKumar, K.
2019Weak Signal Detection Using Stochastic Resonance, Fractional Operator & Neural Network in Neyman-Pearson FrameworkKumar, S.
2011Weighted Vote-Based Classifier Ensemble for Named Entity Recognition: A Genetic Algorithm-Based ApproachEkbal, A.; Saha, S.
2015Wireless Multicarrier Communications with Carrier Interferometry Codes and Iterative ReceiverMukherjee, M.
2015Wireless Power TranmissionTotewad, J.
2016YBCO-LSMO HeterostructureSahu, U.