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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015SC-FDMA Scheme for Wireless CommunicationSagar, V.
2014Scalabality of Model-Based TestingAnil, K.
Aug-2012Second-Order Duality for a Nondifferentiable Minimax Fractional Programming Under Generalized α-UnivexityGupta, S. K.; Dangar, D.; Kumar, S.
2012Second-Order Duality for Nondifferentiable Minimax Fractional Programming Involving (F, p)-ConvexityGupta, S. K.; Dangar, D.
Jan-2010Second-Order Multiobjective Symmetric Duality with Cone ConstraintsGulati, T. R.; Saini, H.; Gupta, S. K.
2015Secure Multicast Data Transmission Technique for Internet of ThingsBasu, S. S.
2012Secure Peer-Link Establishment in Wireless Mesh NetworksBhumireddy, S.; Tripathy, S.; Matam, R.
2014Secure Peer-to-Peer NetworkKumar, A.
2015Secure Routing Techniques for Wireless Mesh NetworksMatam, R.
2016Seismic Retrofitting Strategies for Soft Ground Storied BuildingPasi, J.
2016Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of High-Rise Buildings in Patna for Future EarthquakesSriwastav, R. K.
Mar-2013Selection of Appropriate Methodology for Distributed Generation Under Severity ConditionsSingh, A. K.; Parida, S. K.
Oct-2011Selection of Load Buses for DG placement Based on Loss Reduction and Voltage Improvement SensitivitySingh, A. K.; Parida, S. K.
2018Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Chemistry of Pyrazine based Flexible and Rigid TectonsJana, A.
2019Semantics-based Dependency Analysis of Database Applications by Abstract InterpretationJana, A.
2015Semi-Equivelar Maps and d-Covered Triangulations of SurfacesTiwari, A. K.
2016Semi-Supervised Clustering in Multiobjective Optimization FrameworkAlok, A. K.
Jan-2013Semi-Supervised Clustering Using Multiobjective OptimizationSaha, S.; Ekbal, A.; Alok, A. K.
2015SemiSupervised Learning in Clustering of Medical PublicationsNandan, K.
2016Sensor Based Real-Time Tool Wear Monitoring and Compensation in Reverse Micro-Edm and Micro-EdmdrillingNirala, C. K.