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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014O(log n)-(r,k) Connected Coverage Problem in IoT ApplicationsTanay, H.
2016Observer Design for Irregular Descriptor SystemsGupta, M. K.
Jun-2012Oil Whip Detection Using Stator Current MonitoringVerma, A. K.; Sarangi, S.; Kolekar, M.; Banerjee, S.
2015On Boundary Detection and Localization in Wireless Sensor NetworksShukla, S.
2015On Broadcasting and Geographical Routing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworksDas, D.
2018On Designing Obfuscation Based Usable Authentication TechniquesChakraborty, N.
2015On Duality in Nonlinear Optimization Problems under Crisp and Fuzzy EnvironmentDangar, D.
2015On Information Propagation and Network Evolution in the Flickr Social NetworkGopalakrishnan, K.
2012On Lower Order Extremal Integral Sets Avoiding Prime Pairwise SumsPandey, R. K.
Jan-2010On Self-Stabilization of Multi Point Relays for Connected Dominating Set in Adhoc NetworksMisra, R.
2019On Some Statistical Inference Problems Under Different Censoring Schemes for Some Distributions with Bath-Tub Shaped Hazard RateKayal, T.
Jul-2011On Sufficiency and Duality for Nonsmooth Multiobjective Programming Problems Involving Generalized V-r-invex FunctionsAhmad, I.; Gupta, S. K.; Jayswal, A.
Mar-2010Online Multi-Response Assessment using Taguchi and Artificial Neural NetworkPanda, S. S.; Mahapatra, S. S.