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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Named Entity Recognition in Bengali and Hindi using Support Vector MachineEkbal, A.; Bandyopadhyay, S.
2015Natural and Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Composites - Manufacturing and AnalysisHarsh; Kumar, M.
2016Natural Convection of Viscoplastic Fluids in an EnclosureHassan, M. A.
Mar-2013Need of Distributed Generation for Sustainable Development in Coming FutureSingh, A. K.; Parida, S. K.
May-2012A Network Based Vulnerability Scanner for Detecting SQLI Attacks in Web ApplicationsSingh, A. K.; Roy, S.
Feb-2011A New Code Allocation Algorithm for Multirate CI/MC-CDMA SystemMukherjee, M.; Kumar, P.
Dec-2010A New Iterative Soft Decision Subcarrier PIC Scheme for CI/MC-CDMA SystemMukherjee, M.; Kumar, P.
Mar-2011New Route for Devulcanization of Natural Rubber and the Properties of Devulcanized RubberRooj, S.; Basak, G. C.; Maji, P. K.; Bhowmick, A. K.
Oct-2013A New Selection Criteria for Combined Optimal Allocation of RESs based DGs in Restructured Electricity MarketSingh, A. K.; Parida, S. K.
2015New Tuning Rules for Parallel Cascade Control SystemsDutt, K. V.
2015New Two Degree of Freedom Control Schemes for Integrating and Unstable Processes with Time DelayAjmeri, M.
2015Newer Catalytic Methodologies for Domino Synthesis of Pyran, Spriooxindole, Pyridine and Rapid Decomposition of Organic DyesMolla, A.
2012Non-differentiable Second-Order Mixed Symmetric Duality ith Cone ConstraintsKailey, N.; Gupta, S. K.
May-2010Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Second-Order Symmetric DualityGupta, S. K.; Kailey, N.
Feb-2011Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Symmetric Dual Programs Over ConesGulati, T. R.; Geeta; Gupta, S. K.
2011Nondifferentiable Second-Order Minimax Mixed Integer Symmetric DualityGulati, T. R.; Gupta, S. K.
Feb-2012Nonlinear Estimation Using Cubature Quadrature PointsSwati; Bhaumik, S.
2018Nonlinear Filtering-Extensions and Application to Target Tracking ProblemsRadhakrishnan, R.
2011A Note on a Problem of Motzkin Regarding Density of Integral Sets with Missing DifferencesPandey, R. K.; Tripathi, A.
Mar-2011A Note on Higher-Order Nondifferentiable Symmetric Duality in Multiobjective ProgrammingAgarwal, R. P.; Ahmad, I.; Gupta, S. K.