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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Machinability Study on Reinforcement E-Glass Fibre (Multi-Filament) Composite Pipe using Carbide ToolPanda, S. S.; Mahapatra, S. S.
2014Machine Learning Methods for Analysis of Clinical TextPrasad, K.
Dec-2011Magnetization Hysteresis and Time Decay Measurements in FeSe0.50Te0.50: Evidence for Fluctuation in Mean Free Path Induced PinningDas, P.; Thakur, A. D.; Yadav, A. K.; Tony, C. V.; Lees, M. R.; Balakrishnan, G.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Grover, A. K.
2016Matching Networks for RF Power AmplifierParate, B.
2017Mathematical Formalism to Some Decision Making Problems under Imprecise EnvironmentDas, S.
Sep-2013A Mathematical Model for the Control of Carrier-Dependent Infectious Diseases with Direct Transmission and Time DelayMisra, A. K.; Mishra, S. N.; Pathak, A. L.; Srivastava, P. K.; Chandra, P.
2018Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Diseases- Impact of Information and TreatmentYadav, A.
2017Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics: Analysis and Optimal ControlKumar, A.
2019Mathematical Modeling Of Smart Materials-A Continuum Mechanics ApproachKumar, D.
2015Mathematical Models In AdvertisingKumar, U.
2018Maximal Asymptotic Density of Sets Avoiding Differences from a Fixed SetSrivastava, A.