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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Illumination Normalization for Image Restoration Using Modified Retinex AlgorithmRaja, G. L.; Kolekar, M. H.
2015Image DenoisingBalakumaran, N.
May-2012Image Encryption and Authentication Verification using Fractional Nonconventional Joint Transform CorrelatorRajput, S. K.; Nishchal, N. K.
2012Image Encryption Based on Interference that Uses Fractional Fourier Domain Asymmetric KeysRajput, S. K.; Nishchal, N. K.
2016Image Processing and Its Application to Moving Object Detection, Optical Character Recognition and Underwater RoboticsKumar, A.
Sep-2012An Imidazolium Functionalized Isobutylene Polymer Having Improved Mechanical and Barrier Properties: Synthesis and CharacterizationTalukdar, B.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2018Impedance Spectroscopy and DC Resistivity Studies on Substituted Cobalt ferrite (CFO) and Polymer-CFO NanocompositesSupriya, S.
Jan-2011Implementation of a Reduced Order Stator-Flux Observer for Three Level NPC Inverter-Fed Induction Motor DriveBehera, R. K.; Parida, S. K.; Behera, S.; Das, S. P.
2015Implementation of Discrete Stockwell Transform on ARM9 PlatformPhani, T. C. K.
2014Implementing MVTO based STM systemVetkoli, S.
2015Improved Algorithms for Active LearningJha, M. K.
Mar-2011Improved Lower Bound for Deterministic Broadcasting in Radio NetworksBrito, C. F.; Vaya, S.
May-2011Improved Optical and Electrical Response in Metal–Polymer Nanocomposites for Photovoltaic ApplicationsChaudhary, V.; Thakur, A. K.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2017Improved State Estimation Based on Cubature Rule of IntegrationSwati
2015Improvement in Image Enhancement using Fractional Derivative TechniquesSuman, S.
Jan-2010Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2011Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2016Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2015Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2013Impulse JanIIT Patna