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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Trajectory Planning for Underwater Anguilliform-Inspired Robots Operating in Presence of Ambient FlowRaj, A.
2019Triptycene Based Porous Organic Polymers-Synthesis, Characterization and ApplicationsBera, R.
2017Tunable, Switchable and Reconfigurable RF Microstrip Filters with Bandwidth Control and WidestopbandKumar, N.
2015Tuning of Magnetic and Electrical Properties in Complex oxide Thin Films Deposited By Pulsed Laser DepositionChouhan, A. S.
2016Tuning PID Controller for Integrating Processes with Deadtime and Inverse ResponseMeena, R.
2015Tweet AggregatorHitesh, S. N.
2015Two-Phase Flow Investigations in Various Microchannel ConfigurationsPrajapati, Y. K.
2014A Two-Stage Traffic Aware FirewallKumar, R.
2015Unclassified Clippings-
2015Understanding Wi-Fi Systems using Software Defined RadioKoshy, K. M.
Jan-2013Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network for Early Warning GenerationKumar, P.; Kumar, P.; Priyadarshini, P.; Srija
2019Unique Approach for Preferentially Fixing Nanofillers in the Phase of Incompatible Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber (XNBR) - Natural Rubber (NR) Blend and its Effect on Physico-Mechanical PropertiesSatyanarayana, M. S.
2015Using Multi-Objective Optimization for Word Sense Induction and DisambiguationPrabhakaran, S.
Oct-2012Utility Friendly Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Converter-Fed High-Performance Induction Motor DriveBehera, R. K.; Das, S. P.; Ojo, O.
2015Variable Rate Schemes for Wireless ApplicationsMukati, V.
May-2012Variable Rate Transmission Schemes for CI/MC-CDMA SystemMukherjee, M.; Kumar, P.
Nov-2011VCl3 Catalyzed Imine-Based Multicomponent Reactions for the Facile Access of Functionalized Tetrahydropyridines and β-Amino CarbonylsPal, S.; Chaudhury, L. K.
May-2011Vehicular Communication via Compass LabelingMisra, R.; Shukla, S.; Baveja, B. M.
2016Video Stabilization using Feature Point Tracking with Classified Feature PointsSingh, C. K.
2016Video Surveillance Optimal Camera Placement ProblemDevi, P. K.