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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Supervised Approach for Gene Mention DetectionSaha, S.; Ekbal, A.; Saha, S.
2015Supervised Approach to Aspect Based Sentiment AnalysisReddy, K. S.
2011Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Bio-molecular Event ExtractionEkbal, A.; Majumder, A.; Hasanuzzaman, M.; Saha, S.
2015Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Disease Mention RecognitionTiwari, S.
2019Suppression of Two-Phase Instabilities in Microchannel Heat Sinks via Adaptive Vapor VentingGhosh, D. P.
2018Supramolecular Interaction of Biologically Active Molecules with Cucurbit [n]Urils (n = 7, 8) and Pluronic MicellesAhmed, S. A.
Oct-2010Surface Modification of Argon/Oxygen Plasma Treated Vulcanized Ethylene Propylene Diene Polymethylene Surfaces for Improved Adhesion with Natural RubberBasak, G. C.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Neogi, S.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2019Surface Texturing of Ti-6AI-4V Using Mechanical Micro-Fabrication Techniques for Wettability and Bio-Tribology EnhancementsPratap, T.
2016Surfactant Aided Bubble Departure during Pool Boiling on Upward and Vertical Facing Heater OrientationsKumar, N.
2012A Survey on Cellular Automata and its ApplicationsDas, D.
2015Survivability of Long Reach Passive Optical Network against Single Shared Risk Link Group FailureTejaswini, V.
2015Survivable Spectrum Allocation Scheme for OFDM Based Optical NetworksSanthosh, A.
2017Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications of Triptycene Based PolymersMondal, S.
Nov-2011Synthesis and Characterisation of Heterometallic Trinuclear Copper(II) and zinc(II) Complexes Derived from bis(2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde) OxaloyldihydrazoneChanu, O. B.; Kumar, A.; Ahmed, A.; Lal, R. A.
2015Synthesis and Characterization of Efficient Nanoplasmonic Antennas for Improving the Sensitivity of a Whispering Gallery Mode BiosensorChatterjee, S.
2015Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Expanded Graphite and GrapheneMondal, T.
2015Synthesis and Characterization of Triptycene Based DendrimersJaiswal, A. K.
2015Synthesis of new triptycene and Uracil Derivatives and their applications in Supramolecular ChemistryChakraborty, S.
2016Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Nanolamellar Lactone based Triblocks and their BionanocompositesKasyapi, N.
2014System Generator based CI-OFDM Transceiver for BroadcastingRamu, E.