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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Modeling of Micro-Drilling Process Considering Scaling EffectsAnand, R. S.
Aug-2010Modelling of Damage in Finite Torsion, Extension and Inflation of an Arterial TissueTauheed, F.; Sarangi, S.
Feb-2012Modifications of Carbon for Polymer Composites and NanocompositesRoy, N.; Sengupta, R.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2015Moisture Dectection Using Android ApplicationShedolkar, R.
Jun-2011Mond-Weir Type Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Second-Order Symmetric Duality with Cone ConstraintsGupta, S. K.; Kailey, N.; Sharma, M. K.
Mar-2013A More Accurate Completion Condition for Attack-Graph Reconstruction in Probabilistic Packet Marking AlgorithmSaurabh, S.; Sairam, A. S.
Sep-2010Motion and Shape of an Axisymmetric Viscoplastic Drop Slowly Falling Through a Viscous FluidSmagin, I.; Pathak, M.; Lavrenteva, O. M.; Nir, A.
Sep-2012Mullins Effect on Incompressible Hyperelastic Cylindrical Tube in Finite TorsionTauheed, F.; Sarangi, S.
2016Multi Objective Based Approaches for Evidence Based Medicine, Gene Expression Data and Structured Scholarly DataSahoo, P.
2016Multi Objective Multi Label ClassifierSahu, A.
2018Multi-Objective Clustering Frameworks for Solving Real-Life Problems of Diverse DomainsAcharya, S.
2015Multi-objective Semi-supervised Clustering of Tissue Samples for Cancer DiagnosisKaushik, K.
2014Multi-Scale Object Detection in Images using BoostingReddy, D. S.
2015Multi-Sensor Integration on a Glove for Remote Handling of RobotChandramouli, N.
2020Multiaxial Deformation Characterization and Fracture Analysis of Dielectric Elastomers for Transducer ApplicationsAhmad, D.
2016Multicarrier Schemes for Efficient Underwater Acoustic CommunicationsKumar, P.
2015Multicomponent Reactions - A One-Pot Cyclization strategy for the synthesis of some functionalized and Fused N & O-HeterocyclesKhan, N.
2015Multicomponent Reactions for the Synthesis of Dihydropyridine, Tetrahydropyridine and Spirooxindole Pyran DerivativesPal, S.
2015Multiobjective Based Automatic Techniques For Detecting Cancer BiomarkersYadav, R. K.
Oct-2010Multiobjective Higher-Order Symmetric Duality Involving Generalized Cone-Invex FunctionsGupta, S. K.; Jayswal, A.