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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anonymity in Location-Based Services using Agglomerative Clustering TechniqueChavhan, T.
2015App-DDOS Detection and Prevention Using Clustering AlgorithmsJena, A.
2015Application on Dynamic Community and Distributed StorageKumar, T.
Oct-2009An Approach to Promote Frequency Regulation Service in IndiaParida, S. K.; Singh, S. N.; Srivastava, S. C.
2011Approximate Controllability of Non-Densely Defined Semilinear Delayed Control SystemsTomar, N. K.; Sukavanam, N.
2012Approximate Controllability of Nonlocal Semilinear Time-Varying Delay Control SystemsTomar, N. K.; Kumar, S.
Dec-2012Approximation by Iterates of Beta OperatorsAgrawal, P. N.; Singh, K. K.; Mishra, V. K.
2016Arylglyoxal and Isatin-based Multicomponent Reactions for the Construction of Five Membered Heterocyclic CompoundsKaramthulla, S.
2015Aspects of Magahi SyntaxAtreya, L.
2014An Assertion-based Framework for Verifying SQL Injection AttacksSwarnkar, A.
Jul-2012Asymmetric Color Cryptosystem Using Polarization Selective Diffractive Optical Element and Structured Phase MaskRajput, S. K.; Nishchal, N. K.
Oct-2012Audio Steganography Using LSB Encoding Technique with Increased Capacity and Bit Error Rate OptimizationRoy, S.; Singh, A. K.; Parida, J.; Sairam, A. S.