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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis and Experimental Verification of Three-Coil Inductive Resonant Coupled Wireless Power Transfer SystemKiran, K. B. S.
2014Analysis and Improvement Techniques for Amorphous SlicingDonkada, K. C.
2016Analysis and Numerical Studies on Few MMI Coupler based Photonic DevicesAggarwal, M.
2016Analysis of Different Existing Public Auditing Schemes for Secure Cloud StorageKandavalli, A.
2019Analysis of Multicarrier Schemes for Integrated and Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Broadcast SystemAgarwal, A.
2015Analytical and Evolutionary Approaches for Combined Economic and Emission DispatchMeena, G. K.
2016Analytical and Experimental Analysis of a Rotordynamic System with an Integral Squeeze Film DamperSaxena, A. A.
2015Analytical Models for Cigar-Shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate under a Variety of External ConfinementsNath, A.
2015Analyzing Dynamics of Interacting Multiplex NetworksSarkar, S.
2015Analyzing Link Dynamics in Scientific Collaboration NetworksPandey, A.
2013Anaphora Resolution for Bengali: An Experiment with Domain AdaptationSikdar, U. K.; Ekbal, A.; Saha, S.; Uryupina, O.; Poesio, M.
2009Annual Report 2008 - 09IIT Patna
2010Annual Report 2009 - 10IIT Patna
2011Annual Report 2010 - 11IIT Patna
2012Annual Report 2011 - 12IIT Patna
2013Annual Report 2012 - 13IIT Patna
2014Annual Report 2013 - 14IIT Patna
2015Annual Report 2014 - 15IIT Patna
2016Annual Report 2015 - 16IIT Patna
2017Annual Report 2016 - 17IIT Patna