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Title: Decision Making with Uncertainty-Based Information using Fuzzy Linguistic Approach
Authors: Dutta, P.
Keywords: Mathematics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IIT Patna
Series/Report no.: TH-63;
Abstract: This thesis is devoted to explore the applicability of fuzzy sets based linguistic frameworks in developing decision making schemes for solving real-life decision problems under uncertain environment. In decision analysis, we often use linguistic descriptions in the assessments of decision situations or in representing information/knowledge about the studied system due to imprecise observations, lack of knowledge, subjective evaluation or vagueness. Fuzzy set theory is capable of capturing such linguistic information in a suitable mathematical framework and subsequently, facilitating the computation between linguistic expressions. In aim of making a suitable decision under linguistic framework, the goal of the thesis is to develop different tools and techniques for processing linguistic information and implement them in designing decision making schemes. In this perspective, fuzzy set along with its extensions, such as, intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) and general type-2 fuzzy set (GT2FS) are utilized to model linguistic expressions according to decision scenarios. For processing different types of information during decision process, aggregation techniques, linguistic distance and similarity of 2-tuple linguistic information are developed with the ordering of principle of special class of GT2FSs.
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