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Title: Selection of Appropriate Methodology for Distributed Generation Under Severity Conditions
Authors: Singh, A. K.
Parida, S. K.
Keywords: Contingency Analysis
Distributed Generation
Severity Analysis
Uncertainty Analysis
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: IEEE Xplore
Abstract: Alternative energy sources are becoming more cost effective and many utilities are now providing incentives for alternative power. Placing these alternative energy sources, as well as other smaller traditional energy sources, in the power system, allows the development of a new paradigm related to distributed generation (DG). Considering normal operating condition, the selection of DGs based on renewable energy sources and conventional energy sources in the network may create the problem in severe condition that increases the disturbances in the system. This paper presents a novel scheme for selection of suitable DGs corresponds to their objective under contingency and uncertainty analysis. Severity analysis based on different social welfare optimization functions can be analyzed for the planning of DGs throughout the network. The proposed approach may be helpful for sub transmission network and distribution network at distribution level and also, helps policy makers and National electricity planners to devise a plan for allocation of DGs in different regions of the country.
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