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Title: Vehicular Communication via Compass Labeling
Authors: Misra, R.
Shukla, S.
Baveja, B. M.
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: IEEE Xplore
Abstract: Vehicles equipped with communication capability, allows for inter-vehicle communication. Vehicular ad hoc net-work(VANET) is a subclass of MANET having no fixed infrastructure and rely on nodes to provide network functionality. Vehicular ad hoc network is dominated by its unique characteristics of rapid but predictable topology changes with frequent fragmentation and small effective network diameter. Such networks on road often forms intermittent connections. The draw back of store-and carry forward is that it can serve unidirectional delay-tolerant communication. In this paper we have introduced a compass labeling scheme for broadcast communication in VANETs exploiting opportunistic intermittent bi-directional communication.
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