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Title: Large Enhancement of Giant Magnetoimpedance Property in Electrodeposited NiFe/Cu Wire with Copper Additive in Plating Bath
Authors: Mishra, A. C.
Sahoo, T.
Srinivas, V.
Thakur, A. K.
Samantaray, B.
Ravi, S.
Keywords: Thin Film
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: NiFe thin films were electrodeposited on copper wires of 100μm diameter. The magnetic and magnetoimpedance (MI) property of the samples were investigated with the variation of copper sulphate additive concentration in the plating bath. Addition of copper ion to the film reduced it's coercivity values and minimum coercivity was noticed for optimum concentration of 2 mM. This improvement in soft magnetic properties of the film alloy is strongly reflected in the enhancement of the MI (from 111% to 304%). The ac magnetic permeability and MI measured in similar conditions show a strong correlation between them and follows a one-to-one correspondence. Heterogeneous nucleation occurs by copper atoms which establishes a short range order. Magnetic softness increases in good agreement with random anisotropy model.
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