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Title: A Novel Code-Based Iterative PIC Scheme for Multirate CI/MC-CDMA Communication
Authors: Mukherjee, M.
Kumar, P.
Keywords: Code Division Multiple Access
Mobile Computing
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Springer Open
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel code-based iterative parallel interference cancellation technique (Code-PIC) for the multirate carrier interferometry/multicarrier code division multiple-access (CI/MC-CDMA) system, which supports simultaneous transmission of high and low data rate users. In Code-PIC scheme, multiple-access interference (MAI) for the desired user is estimated based on the projection of subcarrier and subsequent removal of interference from the received signal depending on specific high or low data rate users. Carrier interferometry (CI) codes are used to minimize the cross-correlation between users, which significantly reduces the multiple-access interference (MAI) for the desired user. The effect of MAI in CI/MC-CDMA is reduced by giving proper phase shift to different set of users. Improved estimation of MAI in Code-PIC results in lower residual interference after interference cancellation. Simulation results show that Code-PIC scheme offers improved BER performance over AWGN and Rayleigh fading channels compared to Block-PIC and Sub-PIC with reduced latency and complexity.
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