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Title: Location Tracking of Fast-paced Mobile Entity using CDS for VANETs
Authors: Misra, R.
Baveja, B. M.
Keywords: Connected Dominating Set
Mobility Management
Location Tracking
Vehicular Networks
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: IEEE Xplore
Abstract: Location tracking of mobile entity becomes a research challenge for applications in vehicular networks, mobile sensor networks and mobile adhoc networks. The GPS based tracking in vehicular networks has limitations in certain scenarios such as inside tunnels, tall buildings, dense forests, etc. Tracking of fast-paced mobile entity (say mobile node) finds applications in vehicular networks such as chasing, hit-and-run accidents, etc. Connected dominating set(CDS) provides a virtual backbone in adhoc network. This paper uses connected dominating set(CDS) based virtual backbone in vehicular adhoc networks for tracking of fast-paced mobile node’s location. We show that using a simple heuristics that the location updates for mobile node can be reduced to the tune of 40%.
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