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Title: Location Updates of Mobile Node in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Misra, R.
Mandal, C.
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks
Connected Dominating Set
Location Management
Issue Date: Jan-2010
Publisher: IEEE Xplore
Abstract: The mobility of nodes with a purpose called as robotic-mobility is used for replenishing energy to strategic military applications. Connected dominating set(CDS) provides a virtual backbone in adhoc network. Assuming a CDS based backbone in place, we give a technique of maintaining the location of mobile node for a given topology setting. We show that using a weighted CDS reduces the maintenance of location updates for mobile node. The complexity of our mobilenode maintanence algorithm is at most O(d. log d) where d is number of boundary crossings in the single node’s movement. The simulation shows that our weighted CDS method for mobile-nodes achieve 40% reduction in location maintenance using to shortest-hop path in CDS.
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