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Title: Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Thermocouple Manufacturing Unit
Authors: Patil, S.
Kumar, S. R.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: A thermocouple is a temperature sensing device made up of two dissimilar conductors that are in contact with each other at one or more points. In the present work, an in-house fabrication facility for thermocouple manufacturing has been developed. By fabrication, we mean, fusion of the ends of two thermocouple wires to form a junction. The idea of pursuing this project is to satisfy the growing needs of thermocouples for research purpose in our department. Since commercial thermocouples are expensive, it was decided to fabricate a thermocouple manufacturing unit at a considerably reduced cost without compromising with accuracy. The thermocouple bead is formed by short-circuiting the wire ends in a mercury pool. The fabricated thermocouples are calibrated using low and high temperature calibrators. The accuracy and precision of fabricated thermocouples is found to be very high.
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