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Title: Video Surveillance Optimal Camera Placement Problem
Authors: Devi, P. K.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In this age of rapid technology growth, it has become a necessity for a really good security system. Decreasing cost of associated hardware and increasing practical need for such systems are among the reasons attracting more and more researchers. One such challenge is Optimal Camera Placement Problem. It originates from a real-world problem of guarding any place where high security is necessary. In the computational geometry version of the problem the layout of the area is represented by a simple polygon and each guard is represented by a point in the polygon. we are discussing about camera placement problem for a given region and vision task. Here we are replacing guards with optimal number of cameras. Even in much complicated case, the region itself may change with time, i.e., furniture or walls may be added or removed. The efficiency of any algorithm also depends on the type of camera we are choosing, setting their parameters, and designing their layout in the region of interest.
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