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Title: Comparative and Feasible Study of Biomass, Solar and Wind Energy
Authors: Meena, A.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In this generation there has been an increasing interest to increase the utilization of biomass resources of energy purposes. Now, peoples show ther interest in the renewable enersy sources to developed our own country. It produces natural electricity with chip cost and utilized the wastages of thing. It is now accepted that biomass has the potential to become one of the major energy resources in this generation. Other renewable energy such as wind, solar and hydra etc. these energy have a big impact on todays generation. In this paper we provide detailed descriptions of potential conversion routes are included with their possible and existing scope of implementation. The most recent statistical data of food, commercial agricultural crops as source of biomass energy are reported from the available sources and data of average wind speed and solar GHI data. By using these data we have to predict the different property by analysising these data and predict how much power generated by using biomass resources data of the amhara village.
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