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Title: Design and analysis of Micro Hydro Turbine
Authors: Parmar, K.
Keywords: Mechatronics
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The aim of the project is to design and analyze Micro turbines which runs directly of the river with variable river flow and generates electricity with constant voltage output. At the first, a numerical model has been developed to predict the power output in a Micro turbine due to river flow over it. The methodology is based on a rotating mesh framework with k-ε based turbulence model. Two popular types of Micro turbine have been studied which are Darrious turbine and Savonius turbine. The numerical results are compared with available literature data to obtain a confidence over the present modeling scheme. Variation of coefficient of torque is obtained for different inlet velocities; output due to a sinusoidally varying inlet velocity is also predicted. Flow fields are analyzed to develop an understanding of the physics of the power generation. In case of Savonius turbine blade swept area is varied and pressure difference in upstream and downstream conditions is calculated and an optimum design is proposed. The results shows that if the swept area between the blades of Savonius turbine is increased than a large pressure difference is generated which ultimately increases the force and subsequently the power. Three dimensional analysis of helical bladed turbine, which is popularly known as Gorlovka turbine is also performed in order to calculate the torque produced by the turbine. The results are compared with the two dimensional results of Darrious turbine and an increased torque is obtained. The CFD simulation can further be extended for different configurations of Gorlovka turbine in near future. The torque obtained in case of fluctuating inlet velocity for Darrious turbine is then applied to asynchronous generator to generate the voltage. The obtained voltage being fluctuating in nature is than rectified using diodes and rectifier in order to get a constant voltage at output.
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