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Title: Design and Construction of the Mechanics of an Unmanned Micro Air Vehicle
Authors: Kapoor, A.
Singh, N.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The project aims at development of an unmanned micro air vehicle capable of sustained flight with manoeuvring capabilities making the product suitable for military & civilian surveillance purposes. Micro air vehicles are the types of aerial vehicles which are restricted in size to almost 1 meter wing span. Their minimum wingspan is usually 10 cm. The interest of researchers in the field of micro air vehicles goes as back as Leonardo-da-vinci. He was the pioneer of the field and developed & experimented on multiple designs for manned aerial vehicle. It has been observed that fixed wings air vehicles have lower efficiency as compared to flapping wing designs in conditions having low Reynolds Number. In past few years, researchers have taken inspiration from nature to design their ornithopters and have tried to mimic their designs with different birds, insects etc. This field of vehicles with flapping wings have not seen as much research as we have seen in the areas of fixed wing design but their application in the areas including military and sensing capabilities makes it imperative for researchers to do work in this field. The unsteady fluid dynamics and the complex moving parts make the research in this field even more crucial and interesting. The current project aims to work in this field by following the current research by designing, analyzing and constructing an ornithopter, suggesting improvements in its current design and analysing the effect of these improvements on a real world model. The aim of the project is to utilize the expertise in this field achieved by project Udaan of 2013 batch to improve upon their research.
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