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Title: Design of Smart Cooling System for Data Centres
Authors: Kumar, M.
Bansal, N. R.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In the today’s world of Information and Technology, data centers are hub for storage and processing of information. We are highly dependent on the internet for our day to day work. The extensive use of the internet has made the thermal management of the data centers challenging. Present data centers consume huge amount of energy for the cooling purpose which raised the question on the effectiveness of the traditional cooling system so we need the smart cooling system for the efficient cooling system to save energy and maintain thermal stability. This work tries to optimize the cooling of a data use of extensive CFD analysis. The idea is to get some generalized relationship between cooling load and server load and then use this relationship to design a control system for cooling process. The analysis was commenced with a simple 2-D model to study the effect of placements of ACs on walls. Code in FORTRAN was written to get the temperature profile. Effect of other cooling parameters like Flow direction and Flow speed were studied with the help of a simple 3-D model. The modelling technique has been validated with the help of a research paper and experimental results obtained from the experiment done in the cluster room 307. A relationship was established between cooling and server load for a simple data center with four server racks. It was found that cooling load highly depends on flow direction, flow speed, strategic placement of CRAC with respect to server racks. Since such a relationship has been established for a simple data center, a more generalized relation can be established using practical data center as a model.
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