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Title: Wireless Power Tranmission
Authors: Totewad, J.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The thesis proposes analysis of two resonating coil wireless power transfer (WPT) system for portable electronics loads such as light emitting diode (LED) lighting and mobile charger.The experiment has been carried out by varying the distance between the coils.The performance of the proposed WPT has been studied and a laboratory model is developed for experimental ver- ification.A novel AC/DC bridge-less and contact-less energy transmission system is proposed. The coreless planar transformer and magnetic dipole moment are applied to transmit electrical energy in non-contact manner. In addition,the input ac current of proposed converter has good power factor correction. Simultaneously, the primary-side switches have zero-voltage switching and the secondary-side diodes have zero-current transition. Thus, the power quality and eff- ciency of proposed contactless electrical energy transmission system can be upgraded.Both the power transmission and circuit operation are explained in this thesis.
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