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Title: Liver Tumor Detection in Computed Topography Scans
Authors: Chakarwarti, M.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: At this time surgery to either with resection (removal of the tumor) or a liver transplant, offers the only reasonable chance to cure liver cancer. If all cancer in the liver is successfully removed, you will have the best outlook .So, it becomes very crucial to detect tumor as earliest as possible. Due to high intensity similarity between liver tissues and nearby organs, different shapes of liver in abdominal computed topography scans, segmentation of liver is very challenging task.It is crucial to segment liver before detection of tumor. A lot of research has been done to provide automatic and semi-automatic segmentation of liver organ for further examination.Here i have developed a fully automatic technique that employs a hierarchical gray level based framework to segment liver from computed topography scans of abdomen.In my work i have used Region growing method after processing CT scan and then extracted tumor by performing thresholding operations.
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