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Title: Understanding Wi-Fi Systems using Software Defined Radio
Authors: Koshy, K. M.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The objective is to design and develop a full featured simulation of a Wi-Fi system in order to assist the development and testing of Wi-Fi protocols. Modern Wi-Fi systems are highly complicated systems with multiple layers of ab- stractions, in order to maximize bandwidth per frequency band. Thus, in order to prop- erly analyse and improve the Wi-Fi protocols, it is important to understand all their aspects. The first part of the report covers Physical layer ofWi-Fi protocols and the concepts behind it, including but not limited to OFDM. The second part covers the MAC,PLCP and CSMA layer of Wi-Fi system, including the respective packet structures.The third part covers the channel properties, their effect on bandwidth, and the mitigation tench- niques used agains them. The fourth part contains the specifications of the simulation, and the implementation details. The fifth and final part of the report covers the results obtained, and conclusions based on it.
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