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Title: Design and Characterization of Multimode Interference Based Devices
Authors: Apte, P.
Keywords: Electrical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Multimode Interference Coupler and switch based on SOI have applications in optical systems since they show important performances. MMI couplers are fundamental building blocks in photonic integrated circuits.The underlying self-imaging principle in multimode waveguides is described using a guided mode propagation analysis. It is shown that multimode interference couplers offer superior performance, excellent tolerance to polarization and wavelength variations.In this thesis we describe novel modification of MMI device that has broad applicability.The modification involves introducing a slot(or slots) of a specific width and effective refractive index and at a specific position along the longitudinal length of the multimode interference region.Introducing N slots reduces the self image length by a factor of N+1.Varying the effective refractive index or width of the slots create switch.
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