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Title: Design and Fabrication of an Experimental Setup for (a) Verification of Archimedes’ Principle (b) Determination of Metacentric Height
Authors: Ranjan, S.
Thrinath, N.
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The present work is intended to develop an experimental facility to (a) verify the Archimedes principle (b) measure the metacentric height of a floating body for UG students. For this purpose three types of boats have been considered (a) rectangular boat (b) round chin boat (c) hard chin boat. The test facility has the option for varying the center of gravity for various tilt angles. The above mentioned experimental setup is designed and fabricated using the acrylic sheets and the masses are fabricated using lathe machine. A review of relevant theoretical concepts has been discussed below: When a body is submerged in a fluid partially or fully it experiences an upward force known as buoyant force and the phenomenon is known as buoyancy. The magnitude of this force is determined from the famous Archimedes principle which states that a body is buoyed upon by a force equal to the weight of fluid it displaces, when it is submerged in it partially or wholly. The buoyant force is given by ∀=gFBρ (1) The right hand side of Eq. (1) represents the weight of fluid displaced. The stability is defined as the tendency of a body to regain its original position after given a small tilt. The stability criterion of fully submerged bodies differs from that of floating bodies.
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