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Title: Collaborative Access Control Mechanism for Online Social Networks
Authors: Shaw, P.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Abstract Online Social Networks (OSNs) over the time have facilitated the users with the creation and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. These OSNs offer attractive means for digital social interactions and information sharing, but also raise a number of security and privacy issues. While OSNs allow users to restrict access to personal data, they currently do not provide any mechanism to enforce privacy concerns over data associated with multiple users. Unfortunately, the exposure and availability of personal data of users expose them to numerous privacy risks. The proposed approach in this paper provides a mechanism which allows users to control access of their shared resources in a collaborative manner.A tool "msecure has been developed as an application on Facebook, a popular social network to ensure protection of shared images of users.We have presented a survey based user study of our tool "msecure with a user base of (n=50). The results of the survey prove that although users enjoy the facilities provided by the social network mentioned above, they are still concerned about the privacy of their shared contents and they believe that a tool like "msecure could be useful for managing their shared images and other shared contents.
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