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Title: Design of Improved Algorithms for STMs
Authors: John, S. B.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Concurrency control is very much needed in concurrency systems to avoid inconsistent states. There are several criteria which checks for the correctness of concurrent execution of several transactions. These criteria map the set of schedules to true or false depending on whether a schedule is correct or not. Lock based algorithms are commonly used but suffers from several drawbacks. Serialization Graph Testing and Single Con ict Abort algorithms are non-lock based algorithms on which almost all current STMs algorithms are based. SGT suffers from the drawback that a central lock on a graph needs to be obtained before any STM operation can be done,leading to lower concurrency and more execution time. On the other hand, SCA is too restrictive when it aborts one of the transactions as soon as there exists a con ict between live transactions. This project proposes an new FlexibleSTM algorithm that is a hybrid of the above two algorithms. The algorithm is expected to have a better performance than the above two algorithms in terms of concurrency and the number of aborts. This thesis shows the comparison of above metrics for FlexibleSTM and single coarse grained lock for an entire transaction. FlexibleSTM was found to perform better than the other in terms of average time per transaction, even though there were many aborts causing a transaction to be restarted. Before concluding, this thesis also presents a brief idea regarding the correctness of this algorithm and future work.
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