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Title: Knowledge-Based methods for Automatic Extraction of Domain - Specific Ontologies
Authors: Yadav, M. K.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Semantic web technology is used to develop methodologies which represent large amount of knowledge in web accessible form. The semantic knowledge should be easy to understand. This is important because it makes the knowledge sharing easy across the web. The basis for knowledge representation in the semantic web is domain specific ontologies. Manual con- struction of ontologies is labor intensive and costly so the research community has focused on automated development of ontologies so that time and effort can be saved. The manual construction is also not possible because of availability of electric text in large amount. But the automatic extraction is not and easy task. The reason is that the text is in unstruc- tured form as well as there are semantic ambiguities in natural language. The size of the text is very large which makes the problem more difficult. In this dissertation, we worked for automatic extraction of ontological component (term) from domain texts on a set of knowledge-based techniques. Various methods are combined for such task such as machine learning techniques, information retrieval metrics, heuristics, and statistical approaches, lexical knowledge-base(like WordNet), etc. All These methods are automatic approaches and domain-independent. Our focus is on the agriculture domain.
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