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Title: Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure Cloud Storage Services
Authors: Nayak, S. K.
Keywords: Computer Science & Engineering
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IIT Patna
Series/Report no.: TH-100;
Abstract: Nowadays, cloud storage is widely recognized as an emerging paradigm as it is a reliable and resilient infrastructure, which enables data owners to store their data and use on demand. This paradigm reduces storage and maintenance cost of the data and increases the exibility and scalability. This would benefit customers like small companies and startups. On the other hand, the data owners lose control over their outsourced data, and rely on the cloud storage server (CSS) for the fate of their data. This leads to many security and privacy risks. Most often data owners wish to store sensitive data and share those among the authorized parties (users), without disclosing to the cloud storage server (CSS). Therefore, data owners encrypt the data before outsourcing. However, handling/managing these encrypted data along with facilitating searching, computing, and checking for deduplication is a challenging task. On the top, it is required to ensure the possession of data on the cloud to check any modification/deletion. In this work, a bundle of techniques including, to compute, to search over encrypted data, to verify data possession, etc. are proposed. We propose a blockless verifiable privacy preserving provable data possession (PDP) scheme named Secure and Efficient privacy preserving Provable Data Possession (SEPDP) and anal- yse its security. The probabilistic analysis of SEPDP shows that it detects the misbehavior of CSS with a higher probability by selecting a few random blocks. We also provide two extensions of SEPDP to achieve batch auditing and data dynamics, which are significant design goals of PDP. To compute over data encrypted with multiple keys, we introduce an underlying proxy re-encryption scheme called Secure and Efficient Proxy Re-Encryption (SEPRE). Further, we design two homomorphic encryption schemes called Secure and Efficient Multi-key Computa- tion (SEMKC+ and SEMKC*) to execute a computational procedure containing addition and multiplication operation, over outsourced encrypted data. We provide a quantitative formula to select one from SEMKC+ and SEMKC*, when a computational procedure containing addition and multiplication operations is available. Also, we propose two searchable encryption schemes (one in symmetric-key setting and one in public-key setting) to search over the encrypted data. A multi-keyword symmetric searchable encryption using quotient filter named Secure and Efficient Multi-keyword Fuzzy Searchable symmetric encryption (SEMFS) is presented. Subsequently, we present a searchable public-key encryption scheme using an inverted index data structure known as Secure and Efficient Public-key based Searchable encryption (SEPS). Finally, we present a key server assisted data deduplication scheme named Secure and Efficient server-aided data Dedu- plication Scheme (SEDS) for efficient storage management. Security of all the above-mentioned schemes is analyzed theoretically and proved to be secure. The performance of these schemes is evaluated experimentally and compared with the state-of-the-art also.
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