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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Illumination Normalization for Image Restoration Using Modified Retinex AlgorithmRaja, G. L.; Kolekar, M. H.
2015Image DenoisingBalakumaran, N.
May-2012Image Encryption and Authentication Verification using Fractional Nonconventional Joint Transform CorrelatorRajput, S. K.; Nishchal, N. K.
2012Image Encryption Based on Interference that Uses Fractional Fourier Domain Asymmetric KeysRajput, S. K.; Nishchal, N. K.
2015Image Guided Automated Non-prehensile Magnetic Micro-manipulation of CellsDas, A.
2016Image Processing and Its Application to Moving Object Detection, Optical Character Recognition and Underwater RoboticsKumar, A.
Sep-2012An Imidazolium Functionalized Isobutylene Polymer Having Improved Mechanical and Barrier Properties: Synthesis and CharacterizationTalukdar, B.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2018Impedance Spectroscopy and DC Resistivity Studies on Substituted Cobalt ferrite (CFO) and Polymer-CFO NanocompositesSupriya, S.
Jan-2011Implementation of a Reduced Order Stator-Flux Observer for Three Level NPC Inverter-Fed Induction Motor DriveBehera, R. K.; Parida, S. K.; Behera, S.; Das, S. P.
2015Implementation of Descriptor Observer Design Approach to Synchronize Chaotic Systems for Secure CommunicationChandra, S.
2015Implementation of Discrete Stockwell Transform on ARM9 PlatformPhani, T. C. K.
2014Implementing MVTO based STM systemVetkoli, S.
2015Improved Algorithms for Active LearningJha, M. K.
Mar-2011Improved Lower Bound for Deterministic Broadcasting in Radio NetworksBrito, C. F.; Vaya, S.
May-2011Improved Optical and Electrical Response in Metal–Polymer Nanocomposites for Photovoltaic ApplicationsChaudhary, V.; Thakur, A. K.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2017Improved State Estimation Based on Cubature Rule of IntegrationSwati
2015Improvement in Image Enhancement using Fractional Derivative TechniquesSuman, S.
Jan-2010Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2011Impulse JanIIT Patna
Jan-2016Impulse JanIIT Patna