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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Fabrication and Characterization of Pentacene based Organic Electronic DevicesSingh, A. R.
2016Fabrication of AL2O3-ZRO2-TIB2 Wear Resistant Ceramic Composites for Bowl Mill Roll ApplicationGupta, R. K.
2016Fabrication of Alumina – Yittria Stabilized Zirconia Composite by Slip Casting Method for Wear Resistant ApplicationsKumar, A.
2015Fairness in Improving Smartphone Battery Life using D2D Cooperative Relays Underlaying LTE NetworksGupta, A.
2015Far-Field Based Abnormal Human Activity Detection Using Spatio -Temporal Interest PointsKeshav, N.
2015Fault Analysis in Wind Turbine Generation SystemKumar, A.
Feb-2011FC-DERM: Fragmentation Compatible Deterministic Edge Router MarkingSaurabh, S.; Sairam, A. S.
2011Fire Performance of Flax Laminates and their HybridsRao, S.; Bhardwaj, A.; Beehag, A.; Bhattacharyya, D.
Oct-2010Flexible Optical Encryption with Multiple Users and Multiple Security LevelsNishchal, N. K.; Naughton, T. J.
Feb-2011A Forced Switching Technique for Current Controlled Three-level NPC AC-DC ConverterBehera, R. K.; Das, S. P.
2015FPGA Implementation of Carrier Interferometry OFDM for IEEE 802.11a StandardReddy, Y. G.
2015FPGA Implementation of Instantaneous Frequency Estimator Using DHT and CORDICPal, S.
2015Fractional Order Controllers for Flight Control of DronesReddy, K. S. A.