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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Dark and Low-Contrast Image Enhancement using Dynamic Stochastic Resonance in Discrete Cosine Transform DomainJha, R. K.; Chouhan, R.; Aizawa, K.; Biswas, P. K.
2015Data Refinement : An Abstraction Based ApproachKoshley, D. K.
2015Data-Centric Refinement of Information Flow Analysis of Database ApplicationAlam, I.
May-2012DCT Based OFDM for Underwater Acoustic CommunicationKumar, P.; Kumar, P.
2017Decision Making with Uncertainty-Based Information using Fuzzy Linguistic ApproachDutta, P.
2015Decoupling Storage and Computation to Run Hadoop on Grid using Ubiquitous Erasure CodesRaj, S.
2016Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Email ClassificationTewari, V.
Aug-2010Defeating Reflector based Denial-of-Service Attacks using Single Packet FiltersSairam A.S., A. S.; Subramaniam A., A.; Barua, G.
2012Defence against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Mesh NetworksMatam, R.; Tripathy, S.
2016Defending Against Network and Application Level Denial of Service AttacksRoy, S.
2015Design and Analysis of a CMOS Low Noise Amplifier with Low Noise FigureSreenivasu, K.
2016Design and Analysis of Clapp Oscillator and Split-Ring Resonator OscillatorVikesh
2019Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure Cloud Storage ServicesNayak, S. K.