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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Design, Control and Fabrication of an Alligator Inspired Underwater Swimming RobotMondal, S.
2015Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of a Thermoelectric Generator for Utilizing Waste Energy from a Heat SourceRaj, A.; Meena, R. K.
2011Design, Simulation and Experimental Realization of Nonlinear Controller for GSC of DFIG SystemBehera, R. K.; Behera, S.
2015Designing and Manufacturing Multi-Copter with Radio ControlsChandapure, D.; Harshavardhan, S.
2015Designing of Variable Length Block CipherSaroj, K.
Dec-2012Detecting Policy Misconfigurations in Temporal Domain Using Object PriorityDammati, M. S.; Mondal, S.
2014Detection of Application Layer DDoS attacksDeepak
2016Detection of Fence Climbing using Activity Recognition by Support Vector Machine ClassifierBharti, N.
2014Detection of Tabnabbing Phishing AttackSingh, A.
2015Detection of Trustworthiness Information and Adverse Drug Reaction from Social Media DataPrasad, R.
2017Development and Analysis of Entity Matching Techniques using Evolutionary AlgorithmsMishra, S.
2015Development and Analysis of Fully Observable Shoulder Surfing Resilient SchemeSneha, V.
2018Development and Hardware Prototype of an Efficient Method for Handheld Arrhythmia Monitoring DeviceRaj, S.
2015Development and Properties of Novel Nanostructured Thermoplastic Elastomeric Blends based on FluoroelastomerBanerjee, S. S.
Sep-2013Development in Bihar: Predicaments and Prospects of Health IndicesKumar, M.; Raj, A.
2014Development of a Generic Framework for Database UnificationRam, S. K.
2015Development of a Maximum Power Point Tracking Control System of Photovoltaic CellMallick, S.
2015Development of Constraint Based Role Mining TechniqueVerma, V.
2019Development of Experimental Setups and Theoretical Modelling of Nanoplasmonic-Photonic Hybrid Devices for Studying Single Molecules in Real-TimeArya, A.
2018Development of Hybrid Bioleaching Process for Recovery of Metals from Electronic WasteAnshupriya