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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Decoupling Storage and Computation to Run Hadoop on Grid using Ubiquitous Erasure CodesRaj, S.
2016Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Email ClassificationTewari, V.
Aug-2010Defeating Reflector based Denial-of-Service Attacks using Single Packet FiltersSairam A.S., A. S.; Subramaniam A., A.; Barua, G.
2012Defence against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Mesh NetworksMatam, R.; Tripathy, S.
2016Defending Against Network and Application Level Denial of Service AttacksRoy, S.
2015Design and Analysis of a CMOS Low Noise Amplifier with Low Noise FigureSreenivasu, K.
2016Design and Analysis of Clapp Oscillator and Split-Ring Resonator OscillatorVikesh
2019Design and Analysis of Silicon Photonic Switches and Modulators Using Pin Diode and Junction-Less StructuresPal, S.
2019Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure Cloud Storage ServicesNayak, S. K.
2015Design and Characterization of Multimode Interference Based DevicesApte, P.
2015Design and Construction of the Mechanics of an Unmanned Micro Air VehicleKapoor, A.; Singh, N.
2016Design And Fabriaction of Stair Climbing BotGupta, H.
2015Design and Fabrication of an Experimental Setup for (a) Verification of Archimedes’ Principle (b) Determination of Metacentric HeightRanjan, S.; Thrinath, N.
2016Design and Fabrication of Induced Draft Cooling TowerHarsha, K. S.; Raja Sekhar, K. N. P.
2016Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Thermocouple Manufacturing UnitPatil, S.; Kumar, S. R.
2016Design and Implementaion of 32-bit Risc ProcessorSingh, M. K.
2016Design and Implementation of Area Efficient Ketje ProcessorSingh, A. K.
2019Design and Implementation of Low PAPR and Variable Rate Multicarrier Baseband ArchitecturePalisetty, R.
2015Design and Implementation of Non-Trusted Third Party Model in Location Based ServicesPusarala, S.
2017Design and Operation Strategies for IP-OVER-WDM Networks with Awareness of Cost and Energy EfficiencyDey, S. K.