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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Design and Characterization of Multimode Interference Based DevicesApte, P.
2015Design and Construction of the Mechanics of an Unmanned Micro Air VehicleKapoor, A.; Singh, N.
2016Design And Fabriaction of Stair Climbing BotGupta, H.
2015Design and Fabrication of an Experimental Setup for (a) Verification of Archimedes’ Principle (b) Determination of Metacentric HeightRanjan, S.; Thrinath, N.
2015Design and Fabrication of Automatic Booklet Scanning Machine (ABSM)Parmar, P. A.
2016Design and Fabrication of Induced Draft Cooling TowerHarsha, K. S.; Raja Sekhar, K. N. P.
2016Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Thermocouple Manufacturing UnitPatil, S.; Kumar, S. R.
2016Design and Implementaion of 32-bit Risc ProcessorSingh, M. K.
2016Design and Implementation of Area Efficient Ketje ProcessorSingh, A. K.
2015Design and Implementation of Non-Trusted Third Party Model in Location Based ServicesPusarala, S.
2017Design and Operation Strategies for IP-OVER-WDM Networks with Awareness of Cost and Energy EfficiencyDey, S. K.
Feb-2012Design and Performance of WH-Spread CI/MC-CDMA with Iterative Interference Cancellation ReceiverMukherjee, M.; Kumar, P.
2015Design and Synthesis of Nanocatalyst for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Organic DyeSahu, M.
2016Design of Hybrid Wireless-Optical Broadband Access NetworksGond, A. K.
2014Design of Improved Algorithms for STMsJohn, S. B.
2015Design of Smart Cooling System for Data CentresKumar, M.; Bansal, N. R.
2016Design of Taper Roller BearingKumar, A.
2015Design, Control and Fabrication of an Alligator Inspired Underwater Swimming RobotMondal, S.
2015Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of a Thermoelectric Generator for Utilizing Waste Energy from a Heat SourceRaj, A.; Meena, R. K.
2011Design, Simulation and Experimental Realization of Nonlinear Controller for GSC of DFIG SystemBehera, R. K.; Behera, S.