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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Compact Dual-Band Antenna for WLAN ApplicationsNayak, P. B.; Endluri, R.; Verma, S.; Kumar, P.
2016Comparative Analysis of Perturb and Observe with Incremental Conductance MPPT AlgorithmSomani, A.
2016Comparative and Feasible Study of Biomass, Solar and Wind EnergyMeena, A.
Feb-2014A Comparative Study of PI Tuning Methods for Integrating ProcessesAjmeri, M.; Ali, A.
Sep-2011Competitive Analysis of Organization Networks or Multicast Acknowledgment: How Much to Wait?Brito, C. F.; Koutsoupias, E.; Vaya, S.
2015Complex Predicate in MagahiNilu
2016Composition-Driven Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Bismuth FerriteKumar, P.
2011Computational Investigation of Microdroplet Formation in a Crossflow Membrane Emulsification ProcessPathak, M.
Feb-2011Computational Investigations of Solid–Liquid Particle Interaction in a Two-Phase Flow Around a Ducted ObstructionPathak, M.
2015Computing Large Connected Components using MAP Reduce in Logarithmic RoundsSharma, A.
Apr-2013Condensation of DNA-A putative obstruction for repair process in abasic clustered DNA damageSingh, V.; Das, P.
Jan-2013Congestion Management with Distributed Generation and its Impact on Electricity MarketSingh, A. K.; Parida, S. K.
2016Conjugate Heat Transfer in MicrochannelGupta, S.; Ganatra, D.
2015Connectivity in Cognitive Radio Networks with Bounded Treewidth Potential Graph Through Spectrum Assignment and its Fixed Parameter TractabilitySehrawat, A.
2019Construction and Analysis of Binary Z-Complementary Sequence PairsAdhikary, A. V.
2016Construction of DNA-Organic Hybrid Supramolecular Nanostructures and Interaction of DNA with Synthetic Molecules and NanomaterialsKumari, R.
Feb-2012Construction of Preorganized Uracil Based Polytopic Tectons for Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular ArchitecturesChakraborty, S.; Miguel, P. J. S.; Albertí, F. M.; Das, N.
2016A Contribution to Life Testing Experiments with Lognormal and Inverse Weibull DistributionsSingh, S.
2016Controllability Analysis for Infinite-Dimensional Semilinear SystemsKumar, S.
2016Controllability and Feedback Control Problems for Linear Time-Invariant Descriptor SystemsMishra, V. K.